About me

I am a cartesian artist. A former graphic designer, in love with art, the beauty of simple things and organization, who fell into the pot of code by chance. I worked as a photo retoucher, graphic designer for a furniture manufacturing company, web developer in an agency and finally web project manager. I am meticulous and I love to pass on my knowledge (no silly questions here, it will be my pleasure to answer you).

I make it a point of honor to build sites that are efficient, beautiful and easy to manage. I want to make it simple for you! I like to think of us as a team and working together for the success of your business is the most rewarding part of my job. It’s my way of contributing to local businesses and the local economy!

Fun facts

I am a mother of two little children, I live in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu but I made my debut in Sherbrooke. I’m a fan of gardening, I plant my own seeds and invade my living room with tomato plants until June. I’m not a big extrovert but I can be very (too) talkative when people start to know me. I’m a fan of Marie Kondo and increasingly minimalist, but I can never have too many pencils.

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