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WordPress and Shopify website creation

It is now proven, people shop first on the net. Be seen by your potential customers and do not miss your chance to establish new contacts with your existing customers, in a simple and cordial way – a contact form, a blog or a newsletter.. Are you in a creative field? A professional and well-stocked portfolio can help you find contracts or a job. Are you a retail store? You can display your top brands, most popular products, etc. And what about the possibilities of an e-commerce! Your market is no longer geographically limited.

Depending on your needs, I work with WordPress and Shopify. A preliminary analysis will allow us to chose what is best for you.

The steps of a website project

We will start by identifying your needs for your site. Who is your target customer, what are your website goals, what are your company values, etc. We will also look together at other websites, images, styles, etc. to assess your tastes. We will also roughly determine the tree structure of your website.

Visual models will be produced by my fellow web designers (the crème de la crème). You will therefore receive a preview of what your site will look like. From this model, we can make the necessary corrections or changes.

Once the visual model is approved, I will proceed with the programming of your site. It will be built on a temporary address, so that you can follow the progress of the project.

When your site is all beautiful and ready, I proceed to put it online.

Maintenance of your website

A website needs maintenance! You should know that WordPress, themes and extensions require regular updates to keep your site safe. This is why we also recommend using a minimum of plugins. I perform backups of your site, updates and repairs (if necessary). Contact me if you want me to take care of the maintenance of your website!

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